Augmented Reality
as a Service



Superimpose your digital data and media on physical objects and environments to increase your stakeholders ability to absorb and act on them on the ground.

Augmented Reality assistance

Empower and on-board  your employees by providing real-time, on-site, step-by-step visual guidance on given task  using hands-on field guidance via assistive augmented reality.

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Task Management

Create an impact on the productivity and quality of your workforce by simplifying your processes and providing an interactive walk through for any given scenario.

Progress Tracking & Compliance

Track and measure the progress of your team as they execute tasks and use resources.  Get real time updates by actions on the ground and keep records to be used in reporting and compliance.

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Indoor Navigation

Enable turn-by-turn indoor navigation assistance in real time.  Allow your constituents to navigate through your indoor spaces and  safely exit using the most accurate evacuation assistant.